Medium Wheel Loader

The 856H – Heavy Work – No Sweat

The 856H Wheel Loader boasts an advanced climate control system with eight all-round vents, 5 selection modes and 6 kW of cooling capacity, creates the perfect working environment whatever the weather.

We Put Operators First. It makes good business sense to give operators the very best working environment – a comfortable operator is a productive operator. The 856H keeps operators safer, more alert and more productive.

Power Without Waste

Environmental as well as economic awareness lie at the heart of our new 856H. Powered by the latest fuel efficient Cummins engine, it has a net power rating of 160 kW (215 hp) @ 2,000 rpm and fully complies with EU Stage IV emission standards without compromising on power or performance. For operational efficiency, the engine uses a precise, high pressure common-rail fuel injection system, turbo charger (VGT) and air- to-air intercooler, along with electronic engine controls to deliver optimal performance in every cycle in every shift. Engine emissions are virtually eliminated by NOx and Dual reduction Technology, ensuring that the 856H delivers, both for the environment and the bottom line.

Automatic Transmission

The 856H’s automatic powershift transmission helps even the newest operator perform like a fuel wise professional matching the machine’s performance perfectly to the job, whatever that job may be. Three selectable options; Manual, Semi-auto and Full auto, make it easier to do the job better, saving time and reducing fuel and emissions. The lock up clutch torque converter also aids performance fuel economy by delivering the maximum amount of power to the transmission.

Ride Control

Heavyweight work can be tough on man and machine. LiuGong’s next generation ride control, teamed with automated bucket positioning sets the new benchmark for heavy lifting applications. Loading shocks and impacts are greatly reduced, that’s good news for operators and for the machine’s longevity. Smoother load handling and maneuverability around the site has been noticeably improved with material spillage greatly reduced, leading to faster, more productive cycle times, reduced fuel consumption and higher operator performance and satisfaction.

Load-Sensing Hydraulics

Our hydraulic system delivers an impressively high breakout force of 175 kN with control and precision delivering power to where the operator really needs it. Lifting and cycle speeds are equally impressive at 5.9 seconds and 10.3 seconds, respectively. This is power where you need it, improving penetration, allowing simultaneous lift and tilt functions to be executed and reducing hydraulic waste.