Large Wheel Loader

The 877H – Heavyweight Credibility

In tough quarrying and mining environments, there’s no room for guesswork. You need to know that your wheel loader can easily handle all the strenuous day-to-day tasks with speed, economy and unending stamina. Your business credibility ultimately depends on your machine’s operating performance and with our new 877H you can be sure that your reputation is in safe hands.

We've talked and listened to wheel loader operators all over the world and now we're delivering a heavyweight877H wheel loader that can do everything the operator wants and needs.

Power Without Waste

Environmental as well as economic awareness lie at the heart of our new 877H. Powered by the latest fuel efficient Cummins QSL9 engine, it has a net power rating of 315 HP at 2,000 rpm and fully complies with EPA Tier IV final emission standards without compromising on power or performance. For operational efficiency, the engine uses a precise, high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, turbo charger (VGT) and air- to-air intercooler, along with electronic engine controls to deliver optimal performance in every cycle in every shift.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Heavyweight credibility and uptime and support are two key wheel loader purchasing criteria but ultimately, the machines earning potential, its overall life cost and its trade-in value really matter.

Control In The Operators Hands

We believe in making life easy for the operator which is why we've positioned the kick-down and forward/reverse buttons on the joystick. The kick-down function gives operator finger-tip control enabling him to lower the gear, increase engine torque and maximize bucket breakout force with minimum effort.

Easy Access Service

Easily accessible service points make daily checks fast and effective. The electronically actuated, wide opening fiberglass hood gives fast and easy access to the engine and regular service points – that's good news for operators who want to reduce maintenance time to the minimum.